What will you do today to “feed your soul”?

IMG_4694Here we are, headed into another beautiful Saturday as I am sitting here about to head out to my meeting and weigh-in and I have the cup of joe in tow with a splash of FF French Vanilla creamer and am ready to take the day on one foot in front of the other.

As you are headed out today to do all of your Saturday duties, you probably have a plan as to what you will accomplish today right?  Some might have baseball and soccer games to go to.  Some might have some gardening to get to and weeding of the flower beds.  Some might just hanging out with those that you love.

Try something a little different on this Saturday and invest in others in some sort today.  Volunteer, drip off goodies at the old folks home, go work in a food kitchen, or whatever your heart desires.  The reason I share this is because I have been able to incorporate a lifestyle of giving back to others as I was on my journey to better myself.

Investing in food for the soul is so very important in our journeys and we need to remember to incorporate it because at the end of the day, life is so much better “beyond the scale”.

Remember, when we are investing in others, it accomplishes two things, it completely helps others in their times of need and it helps to make you feel better about yourself for doing it and will give you purpose in life in other ways.

So, try it out today, take the family, make it an outing, it doesnt take much time but the investments that you make could last a lifetime.

Have a wonderful and memorable weekend folks.

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