What does #Flexfriday mean and why is it important?

Good morning my friends and internet family out there in the interweb land.  I am relaxing here after we scored a couple of nice days trying to survuve another rainy one until the beautiful weather from this weekend hits.  I have my cup of dark Guatemalan roast in the cup and am ready to take on the day with full force.

On the message boards that some of us are part of called Connect, we see on Fridays people putting up photos of their flexing their muscles and placing a hashtag of #flexfriday on it for those of you that might not know what the title of this blog entry meant.

Some people might think that flexing your muscle might be vain or full of ego but I look at it much much different than what those people might look at.  Here is what I see:

No matter where you are in your journey, you are strong.  No matter what is thrown at you by the sometimes dramatic thing called life, you are strong and able to take it head on.  No matter how many variances you see on that evil little box called a scale, you are a master of your own destiny and you are a champion of strength.  No matter how embarrased you may be from terms like flappers and non-existent muscles, you throw them up there to show your pride in your SELF.  I see it as so much more than just people flexing their bicep and taking a photo of it, I see it as a symbol of greatness, a symbol of strength, a symbol of stepping out of your comofrt zone.

So, it is so much more than just a photo with a hashtag on it … it is a symbol.

So today, throw them cannons up in the air and show em off … and join the front of strong, amazing, driven, focused, gritty, determined and successful people and represent.  And even if you dont step out of your comfort zone and post a photo, then make sure that you journal your thoughts of the reason why you are strong, why you can achieve anything and why you are a rockstar to invest in yourself.

Have a great #flexfriday my friends and make it  a great one.

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