Do you have the stamina to persevere when the road gets tough?

Good morning folks out there enjoying their morning beverages and getting ready to kick off this Thursday!!  I am relaxing here early morning before I have to hit the road for some meetings with a cup of dark roast in tow with a splash of FF French Vanilla swirled right in.

I first wanted to share that the amount of support that was sent out after yesterdays #coffeetalk was overwhelming and heartwarming after I shared my struggles over the past 7 months in the program.  I cannot tell you how much it means to me that I am part of a community that supports, builds up and helps get through tough times and celebrate the good times.  So, thank you.

Next I wanted to talk about perserverence to follow the theme of yesterdays post of struggle.  We all know that this journey takes hard work and dedication to the enth degree to truly be successful for the long haul.   The real question is, do you have the endurance to push through the tougher times when life happens, when stress happens and when those summertime popup parties happen?

I think that after many of my conversations yesterday it is really important to:

1.  Keep your why’s very close to you whether in a picture format in your wallet or purse or taped to your desk or fridge at home … make sure that you can lean back in on those why’s multiple times to keep you grounded

2.  Know that it is ok if you dont follow things to a “t” and you have to lean back on plan x and z.  The key is to have a plan x and z in the hopper to use when plan a or b do not work (because when life happens those plans fall apart most of the time)

3.  Have emergency contacts to reach out to when the times are gettting rough and you need a shoulder to cry on or lean on and also whenever you want to celebrate in a victory that you have had and there is no fear of embarassment or repercussion with these people.  (I learned how important that is over the past two days)

4.  Always have a before and after to lean in on as you progress .. and it doesnt always have to be physical before and afters it can be behavioral ones like promotions at work or successful marriage or anything you can lean in on with the lifestyle changes that you have made to remember how far you’ve come.

5.  Remember that you are worth the time and the effort.  You need to tell yourself these words.  Dont feel silly looking like Stuart Smalley in the mirror, embrace the words of “I am worth it” and know that no matter what you are going through, no matter how you struggle, no matter how slow things are pacing in your journey, you are completely worth every single effort.

Have a great day everyone and lets make it a great day!


8 thoughts on “Do you have the stamina to persevere when the road gets tough?

  1. Thanks for all the wisdom you shared. I am on the second Thursday of this new journey. It already hasn’t been easy. I also just got my first iPhone so I’m trying to learn that at the same time. I can see that will make the journey easier cuz it tracks my food so much quicker 😎

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  2. All good stuff! Everything we learn is another tool in our toolbox – tools we will need for a lifetime 🙂 Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

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  3. Even role models need support! As a coach, inspirer, cheerleader, sage, and wise man, you deserve to get the same energy back from the universe that you so freely share with us.

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  4. Clicking my heels together three times and repeating “I am worth it.” Thank you for the words of encouragement and wisdom. I truly needed this today.

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