Confessional: Navigating Change

Here I am in complete reflective mode on a Wednesday morning the 7th of June 2017.  I have my coffee in tow that is as dark as ever and the steam rolling off of it like a fog rolling into the harbor.

I was sitting down when I got home yesterday from work and had to lean in on some of the people who are part of my tribe and confess and vent to how I was feeling about something.  I was frustrated and the “monkeys in the brain” were fluttering around and messing with my mojo overall.

Everyone jumped all over the chance to help out which was completely appreciated and welcomed but then I started to feel like a fraud.  Here is why.

Every day here on Connect, FB and through my vlog, I support and help others through struggles and tribulations and I give the advice all the time that if you celebrate in some of the good things that you are doing and not focus on the negative way that you are feeling, then you will put yourself in a better place.  I wasnt heeding my own advice that I so willingly offer each day.  What was I thinking?

The reason that I was in a bad spot, was because very recently, I have started to incorporate running into my regimen to try to get things moving the right direction because I have (confessional) have been up and down the same exact two pounds for 7 and a half months I have hit the mother of all stalemates with my weight.

So, when I started this week to incorporate jogging and running in with my walks I was thinking I would see some movement but it had the opposite effect, it was a gain of 4 pounds over the past week and a half.  Wait what?  This was why I was frustrated and needed to vent a little.

I am just a normal dude trying to be healthy long-term for my family and myself.  So when my tribe heard this pity party, they offered help and inspiration and had me look at my overall journey of losing 100 pounds total so far and also 7 months of staying the same is like maintenance so I am getting practice.  Also the fact that my body is changing with the new activity is important to remember.

Here is why I am sharing, you will go through tough times, you will go through frustrating times, you will be forced to make changes and mix things up, you will be forced to lean in on your tribe, but remember this is all about YOU.  You deserve to be the best version of you that you can be.

Remember to reflect on how far you’ve come before you try to get pissed about not getting to where you want to go … yet.

Have a great day friends, let’s lean in on each other whenever we need it ok?

5 thoughts on “Confessional: Navigating Change

  1. Scale reversals suck when they are unexpected. They particularly suck when we are engaging in new behaviors which we think are going to kick start things. My only advice is to have faith.

    And of course, I have a video ….


  2. Oh darn, that’s the wrong video! Oh well, just know that I am hanging in there with you and I know you will break through this plateau!


  3. I need to lean in. I survived breast cancer 7 years ago. I constantly get MRI’s, ultrasounds, biposies and mammograms. I had a mammogram on Friday and they found something. I had to have another mammogram and an ultrasound yesterday. Now I have to have a biopsy on Friday. All the other ones I’ve had I wasn’t really worried. For some reason this time I am very worried. It’s taking all I have to keep it together. Prayers or positive thoughts would be much appreciated.


  4. Isn’t it nice that no matter what, we can always turn to NLFN for a pat on the back, a hand up, or a hug? Thank you for being real, admitting that you, too, have the same setbacks as everyone else, thereby always keeping it genuine. You are much-appreciated!

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  5. Can I just say that I think it’s awesome you reached out( must have missed it tho😒cuz I for sure would have responded)… everyone has their moments and or days ,weeks,or whatever and I tend to be one who likes to bury mine and pretend all is awesome but your posts and our tribe is helping me see that I am not alone and reaching out is an awesome and healthy tool. No pity party considered by me with your venting! I think the responses and support and encouragement you received is a blessing which I know you see☺️ the progress you have made and continue to make far outdoes the moments of frustration you have had! You are awesome and I hope today is a beautiful day for you!!

    Mary Sent from my iPad


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