What does focus look like when the stuff hits the fan?

Here I am sipping my Guatamalen dark roast brew on a rainy Monday morning in Maine reflecting and preparing.

We all know exactly what the title of this blog entry means and have been there a million times.  We are going strong and getting healthy, spending good quality time with the ones that we love, investing in ourselves to then invest in others and things are looking up then BOOOOM .. Life happens.  A death in the family, an illness to a loved one, a car accident, a mental breakdown, or whatever life decides to deal you with the cards that it has in it’s arsenal, it is now in your hands.

The theme of this coffeetalk is FOCUS.  This is what you look at to make sure that no matter what comes your way, you are ready to attack it and plow through it instead of avoiding it.  When life happens, and yes it will happen, what are you arming yourself with today to be able to get through those tougher and emotional times?

Are you an emotional eater?  Are you a crawl into the bed and hunker under the covers kind of person when times are getting tough?  Are you a person who goes from one extreme to the next to avoid facing of the reality of the situation?

These are the things that you want to be able to recognize first.  What do you do in response to stress and trauma?  What are your triggers when these kinds of things happen?

Next you want to have a gameplan for when it happens.  Do you have your WHYS on the ready and printed out or written at your beckoning call for you to use to remember the reasons that you are making the changes that are neccesary in your life?  Do you have a lifeline of a person that you can call when things get rough (Who is in your tribe that you can call that will understand your plight and be there to give you support and tough love if needed and a shoulder when needed as well)?  What will you then do to remember and take notes on the way that you handled the situation and responded to the situation?

These steps are so important to me because I not only want to be able to handle the situations the nest that I can, I also want to be able to handle them more effectively the next time that they happen.

Hope this helps you on this Monday as we are headed out for whatever your plans are today.  Lets make it the best Monday June 5th, 2017 we have and will ever have and be prepared for the bumps in the road.

2 thoughts on “What does focus look like when the stuff hits the fan?

  1. Thank you again Shane, we have some people in our meeting who are struggling, I know one is part of NFLN, will make sure they read/hear this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Becky they don’t have to be part of NFLN to read the blog either .. tell them some of the others to look for me on Connect and I have a link there as well. It is so important to help those that struggle so thanks for sharing.


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