Be like our kids: You can achieve anything you want

Good Sunday morning my friends and family of the inter webs.  Here I am relaxing on a beautiful sunny morning here in Maine as the sun is shining on my newly sprouted garden in the yard with my cup of dark roast and all is right before the rains come over the next two days.

Yesterday, I was talking with my son and we were chatting about being able to achieve whatver his heart desired in life and all it takes is hard work and dedication and the sky is the limit and he and I were listing different occupations and he was shooting for the stars.  As I was battling my own insecurities, thinking how he couldnt do certain things in reality, I stuck in the space of support and letting him know if that is what he wants to do, then we will make a plan and go for his dreams.

It was nice to live constantly in that space of “can do” for a while with him because internally in my brain I am always battling the “cant do’s” and the doubting thoughts that so many of us have that have lived through life.  Then I thought, why aren’t we playing in this space more often?  Is it because we have been burned too many times?  Is it because we are trained to be skeptics?  Is it because we dont want our hopes to be dashed for dreaming too big and need to be realists?

I think that this is something that I need to work on myself.  I need to live in the space of my 11 year old son and tell myself, I can achieve anything I set my mind to.  Stop doubting my abilities and have confidence that I can accomplish my goals and dreams.  It is much easier said than done because I am a “Positive realist” but I am going to continue to work on that for myself.  Cant you?

Have a beautiful Sunday with those that you love today and enjoy the little moments today.


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