No matter how hectic it gets, take the time to enjoy EVERY moment folks.

Good Saturday June 3rd morning.  I am about to head out to my meeting, and then off to some baseball games and then I am gonna knock out some miles on the trail so a full day ahead of me.  I have the cup of dark roast in tow with a swirl or two of the SF Sweet Italian Cream creamer.

You know as we progress through life going through trials and tribulations and through great and heartwarming moments, we have to remind ourselves to take pause at times to make sure that we are looking at the big picture and to enjoy the moment.

In an earlier CoffeeTalk, we discussed the three second method of tapping the foot for three seconds when in a stressful situation that required thought and less emotion well, this Coffeetalk is very similar.  Today, When you experience things throughout your day, take 4-5 seconds and take mental note on what that thing was.

The reason for the pause is because we need to learn from our mistakes but we also need to soak in the good moments that matter and remember how that feeling felt at that moment.  Think about that.  If you were able to tuck the euphoric feeling that you are having away for a rainy day wouldn’t that be amazing?

I think you can do that with every experience to use it as a tool for your journey movI ng forward and to be quite honest, how about just some good feelings to spread around when we are normally beating ourselves up and being our worst critic.

So, focus on that today .. soak in the moment.  Take note of how you are feeling.  Be mindful and let it guide you moving forward.


2 thoughts on “No matter how hectic it gets, take the time to enjoy EVERY moment folks.

  1. As always a great post and something I needed to hear this morning as I was very frustrated over the weekend and kind of let it get the best of me and my eating but it’s over and done with and today is a new day and I realize that eating isn’t going to fix my problem I just have to deal with it head-on and that’s what I’m doing today have a great day and keep up the wonderful work and the great post coming

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    1. Martha thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here with this and reflecting on something that most struggle with, I think that we need to be mindful of our dips and celebrate in our highs. Again, thanks for sharing.


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