Follow your dreams even if it means standing alone.

Good morning my fellow interwebbians out there across the land.  I am here with my cup of Guatamalen dark roast in the mug and the fire in the belly to make it a great day today.  My coffee also has a splash of sugar free Italian Sweet Cream creamer and it is not too sweet but just sweet enough.

Yesterday a few of my fellow friends and I were talking about the support that we once had and now we dont have since we have pushed toward a healhier lifestyle and a better version of me.  I was sharing how I have friends that caught wind of some of the inspirational quotes I have used or one even saw a video that I posted for #coffeetalk and got ridicule and flack for it.

Listen, I have learned in my short time on this planet that your true friends will be the ones that truly clap for you when you are successful in life.  It is the ones that dont clap are the ones that you have to watch out for in life.

I shared the story of how my own wife who quit drinking 5 years ago for health reasons and how we lost touch with a bunch of our friends because we weren’t the “fun couple” anymore and always partying and drinking.  I have lost friends since I have lost 100 lbs because I am no longer the “funny fat guy” even though my wife and I are the same people that we once were just living healthier and are more aware.

The reason I share this is because you also need to watch out for those fake cheerleaders that you might have in your life that will tell you one thing to your face but then will talk behind your back any moment they can.

Make sure that your tribe is the real deal folks, because if you have people that want to sabotage your journey, then you probably need to give them the proverbial “Bye Felicia” and tell them to get ta steppin.  At the same time, don’t forget to appreciate the ones that are supporting you during ups and downs … reach out to them and thank them.

Arm yourself with people who care and want to see you succeed and will root for you when you do.

Have a great Friday and dont be afraid to jumpo out against the norm or what people tell you what to do, be a rockstar in your own right and go against the grain of the negative naysayers.

Lets make this Friday great!!

6 thoughts on “Follow your dreams even if it means standing alone.

  1. First time I’ve actually HEARD your voice. Dude, you should be an ANNOUNCER! That’s the voice you have. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you’re doing a blog. And the video id’s like actually sitting down with you to have my morning cup of Java with a friend. ☕☕☕💖

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    1. Faith that is because you are having a cup of coffee with a friend 😉 Thanks for the voice comments .. I have been told that many times and at one time wanted to get into sports broadcasting 😉 Have a great day


  2. I know some people prefer to go it alone, but that’s not my style. One reason I love the WeightWatchers organization is that it has helped me build a supportive community over the past 15 years. The opportunity to help others and to be helped myself is what keeps me going!!!

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    1. JP I completely agree but this is more about taking inventory of who you have in your tribe now and to be aware of those signs of people who aren’t in it for the long haul … thanks for your perspective


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