Don’t let who you were talk you out of who you want to become.

#CoffeeTalk June 1st, 2017

As I am rising and shining myself on this first day of June in the cold and rainy confines of Scarborough, Maine, I cant help but feel like a Folger’s commercial gripping my mug with two hands as the steam rolls off of the top with the traditional ahhhhhh you hear after each sip … yup it is that good and gives me the warm feels.

Yesterday’s coffeetalk was about embracing the fact that you are both a current masterpiece along with the “work in progress” we like to lean in on.  Today’s coffeetalk goes very well with yesterday’s because really it is about bad habits and the way that we treated ourselves in the past that makes us doubt who we are and who we possibly could be.

Think about the fact that some of us are on this journey later in life where we have built the bad habits and bad tendencies throughout our adult life and if you think that you can just break those old habits overnight, you have another thing coming.  It takes work, dedication and true persistence to be able to break the mold of what you have done, in some cases, for decades and a lifetime.

The one thing that you can start with though it to perform the “three second” rule whenever you are feeling negative about yourself or you are bashing the person you are looking at in the mirror.  The “three second” rule is something that I use in business where I take my foot and I tap the floor three times slowly to stop and pause before saying something in the moment to take the time to reflect on my words and how I am presenting them … it helps me to be very mindful and think before speaking.

This is no different.  It wont stop you from having the feelings of negativity but it will help you to be aware of your surroundings and be mindful of how you are looking at yourself at that moment.  It might cause you to pause and reframe your thoughts in a more positive and supportive fashion.

The key to this method is to begin using it to stop the negative and doubting thoughts from your success that you deserve.  Use it as a catalyst of positivity and to get to a better place in that moment at least.

Stop the old you from defeating or deflating the new you and where you want to go.  Try it today and see how it helps you reframe your thoughts.

Have a great day peeps!!

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