Memorial Day … lets remember to celebrate the meaning of today

Good morning everyone enjoying the new days air and sipping on whatever beverage of your choice is this fine Monday morning .. the official yet non-official kickoff to the summer.
As many of you know, giving back to our military communities is super important to me with my efforts through wounded warrior project, Got Your Six charity and even with our own Connect challenge of 22 push-ups for 22 days to represent the 22 veterans who take their lives every day.  Being a veteran myself, it is important to make sure that my brothers and sisters are not forgotten.
If you didn’t know that about me, now you do.
Today, as we are enjoying time with family and friends and people we want to be around mulling around the BBQ or the water cooler for those that have to work, take the time today to remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for us to be able to eat that BBQ, play that volleyball, hug those kids and grandkids, use your tracker, and whatever else that you are doing today. Those that we have lost in our previous wars and conflicts and even in tragedy suffering through post traumatic stress disorder and severe depression are and should be remembered on this day.
Here would be a great challenge for the day .. if there are kids around today, teach them about the pride and the true meaning of this day off of school and let those that are gone not be forgotten. It is super important to pay forward their legacy.
And I would be remiss if I wasn’t to discuss our active duty and veterans out there fighting the good fight actively against a scary world … but that isn’t necessarily what this day is about …
So, as you enjoy your food today, love the people you love today, enjoy the day off to the fullest today … remember to dig in to what this day is really all about.
Thanks for taking the time to read as far as you have today.
Have fun and enjoy each moment today.

4 thoughts on “Memorial Day … lets remember to celebrate the meaning of today

  1. Thank you for your service ❤️💙🇺🇸 I also want to thank my husband, my father-in-law and my brother-in-law who is currently suffering from PTSD.

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    1. I have multiple friends that I served with and have lost a few from PTSD so it is such an important topic to keep the discussion going. Thanks for serving to all your family members.


  2. I have 2 daughters currently in the military, one in Baumholder, Germany and the other in South Korea. Thank you for this blog this morning! God Bless America and all that have served and are serving to keep us safe and to protect our freedom! Specifically today remembering the brave men and women who gave their lives for this and their families!

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