Why do we make changes when things happen rather than before?

Ok so I counted too many days of beautiful sunshine and was getting too used to it so it started off raining and cloudy today but nothing will stop me as long as I have my coffee in hand and pep in my step.

How many of us don’t make changes until barometers and gauges tell us to?

Let me explain:

We don’t really feel as if we HAVE to lose weight until the scale hits a tipping point for us so then we we decide it is time to make changes. We might not feel like we need to be aggressive in job hunting or finding a promotion until the bills pile up and we have to make changes. We used to eat crap and stuff our faces until the blood pressure was up or the pre diabetes were kicking in (my case) and then I was forced to make changes. Sometimes when the vehicles are acting up it could have been prevented had we done regular maintenance and been proactive but now the check engine light is on and we are forced to make a change.

It is crazy how we all do this … we are not wired to be super proactive unless it is something we love. We respond to the situation to make changes almost like the old adage of for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

It is time to be proactive and make changes before the negative outcome occurs .. if you feel yourself sliding .. before it becomes an issue … make a change. Drink fluids and juices and take your vitamins BEFORE you catch a cold or flu .. be preventive.

You see where I am going with this … self reflect continuously and respond before a response is needed.

Hopefully that made you think as much as it did me.

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You can find me also on InstaGram at http://www.instagram.com/liquidshano1973

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