Is it all about WORK put in OR LUCK received?

This post finds me here with a piping hot cup of a new dark roast that is divine with a splash of my favorite sugar free Sweet Italian Cream creamer.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with someone about their business and they were sharing that they were upset because the business only 20 miles east was so successful and how they both sell the same stuff and they are never as busy as the other location.

They shared that it is luck of the draw and they stumbled on a lucky situation and they were burdened with the lesser of the “luck straws”.

I shared the areas that they need to work on and improve like customer service and community engagement and incentive structure and the key word I used was WORK. NOT LUCK … WORK.

Then, as I always do I was driving home and reflecting how this is relatable to us. I hear people say it is my body and how it is made up some people are just meant to be skinny or healthy. Or other terms like boy they are lucky they can eat that cupcake and not worry about it.

Anyone can achieve anything they desire if they are just willing to put the work in. You have to decide whether you want to work to get what you want. Then you have to decide how hard you want to work because as we’ve stated before .. if you put in halfass work you will get halfass results as well.

This concept is so true in every way … even if you are a turtle instead of a hare, your hard work will pay off it might just take more time for some that’s all.

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Much Love, Shano


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