CoffeeTalk Episode 139 – Is being positive realistic?

In this episode we discuss the importance of being positive and believing that you can accomplish the thing that you want to no matter what the circumstance.  Using the “positive realist” mentality knowing that it takes hard work and dedication ALONG with positivity and the right mindset we can accomplish great things.


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CoffeeTalk Episode 138 – Are you willing to take risks for the things you believe in?

In this episode we discuss a lot of different things, from stepping outside of your comfort zone to continuing to grind when things get tough to accompish the greatness that you so richly deserve.

CoffeeTalk Episode 137 – Staying in your lane and not casting judgment

In this episode we discuss the importance of remembering that everyone has a story, everyone has been through a lot of things, everyone works hard and we should stop casting opinions and critiques on others but rather lift people up and celebrate in success.

CoffeeTalk Episode 136 – Are your limitations really limitations or just temporary obstacles?

In this episode we discuss the mental side of looking at what we are faced with and deciding whether the obstacles we have standing in our way are temporary or permanent and how to get around or through them.  Check out the new intro and outro as well … New Year, New Sound.

CoffeeTalk Episode 135 – Let’s stop making excuses and start making differences

In this episode, we discuss the importance and need to stop making excuses for all of our failures and mishaps.  I tell of a story of a young woman who overcame huge adversity to because a NY Times best seller and top of her educational class.  It’s a new year, let’s go and make life happen and not let life happen to us.

Major milestone for YouTube channel

Oh wow .. this is something!! We have been on the air for just over 3 months and we hit the 1,000 subscriber mark!! We love all of your support and appreciate it … keep telling your friends and family about us and we can keep doing this thing!

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