All it takes is a single moment to … (you fill in the blanks here)


September 20th, 2018 #coffeetalk

I am sitting here with my cup of dark roast with my favorite SF sweet Italian cream creamer thinking of how fortunate I am that I have all of you to chat with to get my mind right every day. 

Ok so this is a multiple choice type of CoffeeTalk and you can ad lib if I missed some but here is what I am going to do … I want to show how small of an adjustment it really takes to make a huge difference in your journey … in your life. 

  • All it takes is a single moment of positivity to set your day off in the right direction. 
  • All it takes is a single moment to change someone’s day around with a single gesture. 
  • All it takes is a single moment to remember to appreciate all that you have and not dwell on what you don’t. 
  • All it takes is a single moment of putting one foot in front of the other to create momentum. 
  • All it takes is a single moment to remember your whys and remember why your working hard. 
  • All it takes is a single moment to remember that there are people who have it worse than you do. 
  • All it takes is a single moment to stop, breathe and change your point of view. 
  • All it takes is a single moment to get I to an old bad habit. 
  • All it takes is a single moment of bad decisions to alter the path of your life. 

So, these are just a few but as you can see, life is all about single moments and whatever path you choose can alter your success or your failure … take a single moment this morning as you are headed out and set yourself off on the right foot.  You deserve that much. 

Make it a great day. 

Much love, Shano



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CoffeeTalk Podcast Episode 119

You can achieve whatever you want.  I saw an image this morning that said “You only live once? False.  You live everyday, you only die once” and couldn’t help but believe I was meant to read it today so I talk about it on this CoffeeTalk!

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Episode One of Two Kitchen Tables & a Microphone is now live!!

So, we are super excited that our videocast is live and up and running on “the YouTube” so if you haven’t seen it, or you were broken up with the technology issues we had, it is up and running and ready to go. 

Again, we appreciate all of you spending time with us and supporting us and letting us be idiots!  Here is the link for the video and channel (if you haven’t subscribed please do us a favor and hit the little red subscribe button while you are there and like it if you enjoyed it)


CoffeeTalk Podcast Episode 117

We discuss the exciting things happening right now with us securing the venue for the NFLNspiration Sequel party in Scottsdale, AZ on 5.4.19, Our launch of 2KTM (2 Kitchen Tables and a Microphone … Instgram @2KTMic) videocast this Friday and making sure that you celebrate in how far that you have come in this jounrey and not always in how far you have to go.

New venture for Me and my buddy!!!

So, my dude @mudhustler and I are trying something new together by jibba jabbering video podcast style through YouTube and IG and FB so do us a favor … first pop over to our IG page and then head over to our YouTube channel at and please subscribe to the channel. 

This is all new for us and we are looking forward to hanging out with all of you and chatting about everything under the sun!